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Instant XAML Preview
for Xamarin Forms

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Meet Gorilla Player, the missing link between Xamarin Forms and Preview

Productivity booster

Build layouts, create styles, fine tune values, preview images, all that without compiling; AWESOME!

Synced navigation

Preview your UI across multiple devices at the same time on iOS, Android or all of them at the same time

IDE integration

Use our Xamarin Studio Addin to interact with Gorilla Player and enjoy the journey while you build and preview amazing UIs

Ok, want to know more about Gorilla's features?

Gorilla Avatar

Hi, I'm Gorilla Player! I allow to instant preview your XAML files...my main purpose in life is to save you time, tons of it.

I'm a XAML purist, so the more pure XAML you offer me the better my preview will be.

Gorilla Avatar
Gorilla Avatar

I will watch your solution and will render your XAML in the best possible way. Don't worry if you are not as purist as me, I'll make my best effort to render your XAML by removing the parts I don't understand and will notify you.

Feature image

Resources heaven

Do you prefer working with styles, colors instead of a mess of inline attributes? No problem, Gorilla gives you instant preview for all kind of resources.

If you define resources in the same file or a different one (e.g. App.xaml), Gorilla will take care of it. Just work as you are used to.

Feature image

ContentViews support

Enjoy the pleasure of working with modular XAML for your app. Watch while you build.

ContentViews are handy for reuse and modularization. Gorilla will get them too.

Feature image

Add Sample Data easily

Feed your UI with sample data directly from XAML using JSON or C# objects.

You can also use sample data to simulate your view models (you can play easily with its values to test different visual states of your UI).

Feature image

Simultaneously preview on Multiple Platforms and devices

Android and iOS preview, one at a time or all of them simultaneously without compiling!

Feature image

Early XAML Errors Notifications

Gorilla will look your code and will provide better feedback about issues.

Feature image

Gorilla SDK

Provides an SDK to integrate it to your Apps and take advantage of features like CustomRenderers, styling done directly in the Xamarin Forms host platform, external assemblies, etc.

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